4th of July Grab & Go Balloon Garland

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It's not a party without balloons! Celebrate the 4th of July with a grab & go balloon garland.

Each grab & go garland will be 6' long and feature red, white and blue latex balloons ranging in size from 5" to 16". Each balloon garland may vary slightly in design, as they are all individually crafted. Grab & go balloon garlands are fully assembled by The Graceful Host, and may be easily installed in the party space by you! The only work required by you is the hanging of the balloon garland.

Grab & go balloon garlands can be picked up on Friday, July 2 or Saturday, July 3 from our storefront at 329 N New Hampshire Street, Covington, LA 70433. Please be sure your vehicle can accommodate a 6' balloon garland.

Balloon garlands are air-filled so they can be picked up days prior to any celebrations - in fact, most balloon garlands will last for several weeks indoors! Please note that balloons do not like direct heat, so if you can, please avoid hanging your balloon garland in direct sun. Balloon garlands placed outside will last for about 24 hours. Balloon garlands placed inside will last much longer - days, weeks, etc.

Availability for 4th of July grab & go balloon garlands is limited.