Black And White Party Set

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Our world looks very different due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.  In an effort to control the spread of this virus, we’re being forced to postpone or cancel large gatherings, like parties. It’s heartbreaking thinking about all the milestones that might possible go unnoticed! So, I’ve created special Quarantine Party Sets. It’s my mission to make it easier for everyone to create celebrations - of any size! -  and make memories together!

Because we can still celebrate all the things! We can still have a party within our 4 walls! We just need to do it differently right now.

  • Maybe your crew is getting restless - a party set could add a little magic to your every day routine!

  • Maybe you had to cancel a birthday party - you can still celebrate with your family on a smaller scale!

  • Maybe you just want to add a little fun to your household - what better way than to throw a party!

There are countless reasons why these Quarantine Party Sets are perfect for you! The best part? Our party sets are all under $25!